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As the title says, this is Lunel Chronica RPF (incomplete) massive character list+mini profile. Credits are given to respective mun and artists.

You can find the comprehensive spreadsheet here.

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Abhishri Divakaruni (Abhi)

Height/weight: 156/48

A widow who works as a freelance writer. Well-respected among Yozakuran women for her independence and strong heart. As a summoner, she uses stone bracelet as magic catalyst.

Mun: Narcolepsy


Adrien Kaitjily Marron (Adry)
15/F/Magic Ranger/ Odzwielg
Height/Weight: 153/39
Affiliation: Pris Gladami
Clingy towards Dwayne and female Pris Gladamians, she only listens to people selectively. More often than not, Adry acts as if she is mature while she is actually more childish than she thinks. However, she is actually a hardworker and would do anything for Dwayne, her 'papa'. Has a fixation towards waffle, and she even calls her weapon, a strings-wristband, 'waffle'. 

CV: Nonaka Ai
Mun: Sei

Aisha Nefertiti Calthoum
CV: Inoue Marina

Alethea Mathilda
21/F/Battle Priest/Rossigno
Height/Weight: 161/50
Appears as a motherly and caring figure, but she is an opportunist. She likes to do (supposedly) harmless pranks. Uses bladed wires concealed in gloves as weapon.

CV. Mizuhashi Kaori
Height/Weight: 179/67
Afiliation: Nuolena Church
A Paladin serving for Nuolena Church and Rossigno. Since he was a little kid, he always dreamed of becoming a knight, but his foster father (who is a Clausist priest) wanted him to be a priest, thus he then chose to be a Paladin. A seemingly naive person, Alfonso has high sense of justice as he believes that's how a knight should be. Elicio, his halberd, can be used as a key to open Perpetua Oratione Gate.

CV. Eguchi Takuya


Anatolyevich Marlene
Height/Weight: 180/76

CV. Yasumoto Hiroki

16/F/Inn maid/Yozakura
Height/Weigth: 157/43
Anju is a kind of person who cannot accept critiques well. Because of this, she always tries to look good in front of other people, but becomes more passive and indecisive. Despite that, she is willing to help people without getting paid back. As an innkeeper, Anju speaks politely. She has no combat ability, but she makes a good support.

CV. Hanazawa Kana
Mun: Narcolepsy

Height/Weigth: 171/62
A vet who prefers animals to fellow humans. Arlen loves to smile but sometimes is sarcastic. She doesn't really think twice before she says anything, and she doesn't care for human things either as long as it doesn't disturb her life. As an animal lover, Arlen decides to be a vegetarian... unless there is no other choice and she is forced to eat eggs. Has a pet duck named Ayam (Chicken) which understands humans' language. Her weapon is a whistle which summons animals to help her.

CV. Sakamoto Maaya
Mun: Sukayam
16/F/Magic Swordsman/L'Esterspelle
Height/Weigth: 165/54
Ci is an entertainer, so naturally she is a happy-go-lucky child who loves to make everyone smiles. Seemingly a meddlesome person, she often gets into other people's problems even when unnecessary. Ci doesn't like complex things and is often absent-minded. She has a pair of twin swords, which she names Papapin (Pa) and Popupin (Po).

CV. Ito Kanae
Coda Evaphrus
Height/Weigth: 162/53

CV. Kobayashi Sanae

Height/Weigth: 177/67
Affiliation: Pris Gladami

One of the engineering professors in Institute of Eikenheim, Dwayne enjoys his occupation as a 'teacher', as he says. A humble and nice person, Dwayne loves to laugh and smile. Everything changes though, after an incident which led him to Pris Gladami, however he is still a nice guy, albeit a bit more pessimistic. He modifies his left hand to be a combination of bayonet and pistol, which he uses as weapon.
CV. Mugihito
Height/Weight: 178/67
Affiliation: Syldin Knights
Eclair is a simple person. He loves freedom, he is carefree, he goes with the flow, he cooks. In a nutshell: a very laid-back person. Perhaps a bit too friendly, like most Melophians. He studies Eon Pharmaceutical Toxicology, and is now sent to be the medic for Syldin Knight Academy. He loves to work together with people who are younger than him, because of his love for his younger sister whom he left in Eldera. Eclair uses fused potions in battles, and acts as a threat to his enemies and a medic to his allies at the same time.

CV: Irino Miyu
Mun: Sei
17/M/Buff-Support Mage/Odzwielg
Height/Weight: 175/64
Affiliation: Pris Gladami
Eindride, while actually a sweet kid, is shy and pessimistic, but hides all of it by being arrogant, just because he doesn't want to get underestimated in the Institute of Eikenheim. Has a photographic memory and high intelligence, but poor social skills and emotional stability. An experimented human with eon in his body, Eindride could manipulate eon with his kris-like staff, Eleuild, so that they could support him.
CV. Kakihara Tetsuya

Height/Weight: 168 cm / "menanyakan berat badan seorang wanita adalah kejahatan"
Affiliation: Pris Gladami
Perhaps the most discipline member in Pris Gladami. This probably because En has been raised as a soldier since she was little. Calm, often found smiling, no one actually knows what is on her mind. En is her self-given name. En can use Twin Mark XIX Desert Eagle, M1014, short knives, and other firearms.

CV. Paku Romi
Mun: Hika

Height/Weight: 167/60
Ercha flirts with any kind of female, no matter how young or old they are. Doesn't give a damn about other males. Thinks he is the best looking in Arcen. A VERY forgetful person. Because of all of these, he is the comic character of Lunel Chronica. Uses his voice and guitar as weapons.

CV. Kaji Yuki

Fahd Aziz
Height/Weight: 181/73

CV. Nakai Kazuya


Happy-go-lucky and flirty, Felicia will do almost anything for money. As a performer, she is rather sensual. Despite her mostly laid-back personality, Felicia is actually moody as well, and can direct her annoyance at almost anyone when in bad mood. She believes in mystical things more than exact science. Even though she mostly uses dark magic, Felicia never considers herself as a black mage. Uses Bianco (a flute) and Nero (a staff).

CV. Yukino Satsuki
Mun: Aureallia

Gale Vaigrande
20/M/Magic Archer/Melophia


Gertrude Vivere
19/F/Weapon Master/Melophia


Gig Amakusa

A ninja from a not well-known clan. Uses dual short katana.

CV. Miyano Mamoru

Igelytovy P Haldeiner (Iggy)
19/M/Material Engineer/Odzwielg

Ilithyia Crimsonshade
Height/Weight: 162/44

16/F/Street Performer/L'Esterspelle
Height/Weight: 154/45
Affiliation: Jolly Troupe
A street performer who is on a mission to entertain the world and make people laugh happily. Joy is an independent and always full of joy, just like her name. She travels the world with her wolf, Sunny, and uses straw as her weapon.

CV. Tanezaki Atsumi
Height/Weight: 161/49
Affiliation: Pris Gladami
Like her younger brother, Karen is temperament and comes off as rather arrogant. While she looks lady-like, Karen is actually a tomboy. Born as a mage with natural talent makes Karen underestimates people easily, especially her own brother. Other than that, she is a manipulative person who uses other people for her own good. Her weapon is Beadana, a fire chain.

CV. Sawashiro Miyuki
Katrijn Sommers (Katrijn)
Height/Weight: 171/58
Hothead, not a defeatist, always says what's on her mind, smart, and rather snarky. Katrijn is quite a money grubber. She can't read situation and has a bad naming sense. Younger sister of Peter. Has an interest in weapons and forging. She uses silver hammer in battle and for forging.

CV. Neya Michiko
Height/Weight: 177/63
Affiliation: Institute of Research Eikenheim
From the outside, Klein seems like someone who is quiet and unfriendly, when in fact it's just he can't express his feelings well. He doesn't really care about his surroundings or what people think about him though, so Klein doesn't even bother to tell people the truth about himself. Straightforward, but expressionless. Doesn't like crowds. Klein manipulates 'words' to become his attacks with his gloves, Retrace.

CV. Hoshi Soichiro
Mun: Hika
Le Fou
Height/Weight: 184/60
Affiliation: Pris Gladami

CV: Madono Mitsuaki
20/F/Magic Gunner/Rossigno
Height/Weight: 170/60
A failed merchant who switched profession to a mercenary. Lenatta has vast knowledge on geography and trade routes, also on how to deal with various people and items. She is a very stingy person and somewhat a money grubber. Can be pretty talkative. Has low accuration, so she usually relies on her short-ranged attacks despite being a gunner. Her weapon is a modified shotgun. 

CV. Kobayashi Yuu


Lido Sforza (Lido)
38/M/Runic Mauler/Rossigno
Height/Weight: 183/78

Lives in an unnamed village at Rossigno with his wife and daughter. He is a combat trainer for the village Defense Corps. Uses a maul, which are sometimes embedded with rune magic.

Height/Weight: 161/52
Lucan always try to look cool and calm, but he is actually temperamental. He has a bitter outlook to the world ever since he is exiled from his own family by his father. Hard to get close to, he actually shares a lot of common traits with his father (whom he despises). Lucan has been working hard to be the ice mage he is now, because he doesn't have the natural talent his sister and the other Rothsteins have. Sistostar, a staff that could manipulate water eons into icebergs, is his weapon.

CV. Saiga Mitsuki

Height/Weight: 158/46
Affiliation: Institute of Research Eikenheim
As an Eon Electrical Engineering student, Luise has the brains, though it would be hard to see her as someone brilliant because she is a klutz... who is very clumsy. Luise doesn't think twice before saying anything, often resulting in unwanted things. Unlike most Odzwielgians, she is naturally friendly. Very loud, she speaks more than listens. Looks younger. Luise can't memorize people's names well. Uses a pair of gloves which can manipulate any kind of eon (except water) to be electrical and magnetic.

CV. Hayami Saori
Ma-Ri Seoung (Ma-Ri)
Height/Weight: 178/63
A brave, curious, and loyal woman. Ma-Ri is not afraid of taking dangerous risks. She doesn't get beaten easily by pressure either. Due to this, Ma-Ri is often times too blunt. However, she can be understanding, and will try to lie so that it won't hurt their feelings, even though she isn't a good liar. Her hairsticks are her weapons.

CV. Kuwashima Hoko


Mirabella Constantine / Silvia (Mira)
Height/Weight: 170/48
A calm, collected, and elegant woman, but as a Veela she would turn into a completely cold and distant person whenever someone 'pulls the trigger'. A bit manipulative and narcissistic. She doesn't like it when she turns her Harpy Mode on because she'd look like an ugly beast. She uses her rose hairclip as her weapon. 

CV. Tanaka Rie

Neo Cillian Silvanus
Height/Weight: 125/24

An orphan who is raised by Clausism Church. He has deep love for nature. Uses rune stone to cast magic and can summon Es (Ice) the polar bear. 

Height/Weight: 165/54
An artist residing in l'Esterspelle. Seemingly quiet and calm, Ophelia is actually a rather eccentric person. Sometimes she can do stuff that other people think crazy. Her weapon of choice is a brush which can turn her painting into animate objects.

CV. Noto Mamiko

Pepe Ethrion
19/M/Street Performer/L'Esterspelle
Height/Weight: 179/69
Affiliation: Jolly Troupe

Joy's werewolf companion of Joy Freude. A shy yet good boy. When he isn't in werewolf form, he uses a golden trumpet as weapon.

CV: Mizushima Takahiro
26/M/Combat Medic/Melophia
Height/Weight: 182/75
One word: Unpredictable. He can be serious at times, and the next second he will be childish. Seemingly idiot, but actually a genius--proven by that he could get accepted in a medical school (when he actually wanted to get in to art school... he just got trapped by his father). Easily bored. Peter seems to love trips by train. Uses his fists to fight.

CV. Sugita Tomokazu
Rami Horus Ishtar
Height/Weight: 182/70

A former atheist thief and serial killer that converted into Clausism and became a personal bodyguard for Princess Aisha after she "saved" him from his execution. A seemingly firm, loyal, and intimidating person. Very agile in the combat and a capable strategist. He's truly in love with Princess Aisha, yet cannot confess his true feelings due to the social status difference. His weapons are dual scimitars, named Isis and Osiris, and poisonous bombs.

CV. Kamiya Hiroshi

Renesca Eisenberg
Height/Weight: 165/51

Silent and unpredictable. As a rather introverted person, she values personal space highly. Secretly a Clausist. In search for her older brother who ran away from home. Enchanted Break, her twin swords, are kept in brooch form (the shorter sword is poisonous).

CV. Yukana
Height/Weight: 175/65
Sebastian has two sides. He can be cheerful, playful, and humble when he wants. However, if people want to know him deeper/closer, Sebastian becomes more sarcastic and cold, since he doesn't trust people that easily. He cares a lot about aesthetics and looks. Sebastian uses poker cards--magic cards--as his weapon.
 CV. Sakurai Takahiro

Height/Weight: 159/45
A wanderer who has been traveling in Odzwielg for 5 years. Selica was actually used in an experiment in Eikenheim where people are injected with Eon, but was considered as a failure. He gives off an impression as a childish kid who talks loudly (when in fact he isn't actually that childish), and is often mistaken as a female because of his feminine appearance. He uses two speakers to cast sound-based attack.

CV. Minagawa Junko

Silvester Hafner (Fester)
Height/Weight: 160/57
CV. Yonaga Tsubasa

Luise's cousin and her bullying victim. An awkward young man. His hunting crossbow was made by Luise's father, Erich.


Soutentei (Sou)
Height/Weight: 160/57

An astrologer who has been wandering across Arcen for his research. He has high curiosity and loves to discover new things. Sou is a laid-back and easy-going person, which sometimes fools people into thinking of him as a careless and unintelligent person (when actually he has a good grasp on knowledge in general). He uses an encyclopedia, Navigatoria, as his weapon. 

CV. Tochi Hiroki
Height/Weight: 184/75
Playboy and perverted, but Stefan is actually a reliable person. Unlike her sister, Felicia, who often acts impulsively; Stefan is more cautious and rational when thinking. His life is more pleasure-oriented. His dual guns are named Angelo and Demone.

CV. Seki Tomokazu
Mun: Aureallia

Sven Chevalier
21/M/Rune Knight/Melophia
Height/Weight: 180/73
Affiliation: Syldin Knights

Plain and serious. He trusts people easily, to the point taking jokes seriously. He likes to help people even though it will tire him. Became a knight because of his mother's (fake) story. Sven's sword, Clavis, has three magical spheres which will be destroyed after one use. The weapon also needs a bit of his blood for magic activation.



Valfrid Leynard (Val)

Height/Weight: 180 / 90

Affiliation: Syldin Knights
He acts mature around people in general, but this childhood friend of Sven is a cheerful and rather childish infront of his crush Arlen. His optimistic side shows when he's attempting to catch Arlen's attention. Val is not academically smart and Sven often teaches him. Allergic to cat. He accidentally killed Arlen's cat and have been in bad relationship ever since. Owns Veinslayer, a halberd, and an unnamed one-handed sword. 

Mun: Sukayam

Viatrix Codis
CV: Mizuki Nana


Virtus Lucem
Height/Weight: 148/35

Affiliation: Institute Research of Eikenheim
Virtus's sister went missing years ago, thus he lives with his cousins now. Studying summoning and magic in Eikenheim to follow his sister's path as a summoner. Her sister passed down Aletheia, a holy-element staff, to Virtus.

CV. Saitou Ayaka
Xing Long Huang (Xing Long)
16/F/Martial Artist/Yozakura
Height/Weight: 165/46

A hardworking and energetic Yozakuran girl, Xing Long is the eldest of seven siblings. Her father, who wanted a son, taught her martial arts to become 'a son of a dragon'. As a merchant, she's tricky and rather stingy with money. She uses Guan Dao and kung fu skills in combat, and is assisted by a mini panda, Mao Mao. 

CV: Itou Shizuka
Mun: Aureallia

Yu-Ri Seoung
Height/Weight: 167/55

Ma-Ri's mother who 'ran away' from her family. Truth is, she offered herself to be a second wife of Rossigno's merchant so she could support her family financially. She hasn't contacted her family for years, but secretly sends them money. She uses embroidery as magic catalyst.

CV. Inoue Kikuko
Height/Weight: 160/ 50
A shy and gloomy person, Zav cannot easily make friends. Zav is actually not as bad as people's impressions on her, though. She is proven to be helpful, especially to her friends. Zav insisted to be a sage that specializes in dark, of which her parents didn't approve and got mad at her. However, despite that, Zav never hates her parents, she just never understands their way of thinking. Uses Ereshzalgine, a dark rod.
CV. Kugimiya Rie


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