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Shit status effects:

Status parameter: ATK | MATK | DEF | MDEF | SPD | ACC

Poison: decrease HP
Bleeding: decrease HP
Seep: decrease MP
Bugged? Jammed?: cannot use magic (equipment damaged)
Inflammation: decrease HP, fire attack
Frost: decrease HP, water attack
Stun: unable to move, electric attack
Bound: unable to move, earth attack
Doze: lower DEF, air attack
Stiff: lower SPD
Confuse: lower MATK


Party arranger: Cassy
Free mission: Seda
Equipment Upgrade: Stephanie
Magic Skill Equipper: Al
Scroll Converter? Magic skill upgrade? : Yasu
Drill Instructor: Akane
Supply store: Radha
Armory + Acc:


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