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Midheimr, also known as the first world. The land where magic and technology thrive. Its name comes from the biggest continent on the planet. Parliamentary republic.

Empire of Ostia, also known as the second world. The main continent lies from above equator to northward. Old Ostia refers to former capital region at southwest, crumbled from the interdimensional war against Midheimr. Formerly absolute monarchy, changed into parliamentary monarchy after the war.

108th World, divided into 3 main continent. Continent A is the smallest continent, made of city states in the west and a absolute monarch in the east. Known for its bountiful magi mineral source and spices. 

46th World, called Earth by its inhabitants. One of the biggest and most multicultural worlds. Magic and technology don't thrive as much as other world.

209th World, a small homeworld of Natalie. Only has one continent, the rest of the planet is made of archipelagos.


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