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IDB was initially established as inter-dimensional organization between 20 Worlds, both old and new. Previously, another form of council was created to maintain harmony between 5 of New Worlds. However, this organization failed to prevent the Great Battle of Dawn of Century 300 years ago between Midheimr and Ostia. Following the battle IDB was created, adding more representative from other New Worlds and Old Worlds.

Peacekeeper and Security

IDB currently serves as peacekeeper between worlds. Unlike 46th World's United Nation (UN), IDB has its own military body. The soldiers are picked from various Military Academy across the worlds, such as Magia Military Academy at Midheimr and Royal Academy of Magic at Ostia. The prerequisites of becoming IDB Peacekeepers is generally strict, taking magia potential, academic achievement, and background check into consideration. However in special cases civilians, esp. the ones with rare ability, can be recruited and trained under strict supervision.

Economic Development and Humanitarian Assistance

IDB has created numerous agencies to fulfill their objective to achieve inter-dimensional harmony, based on social, economic, and cultural aspects. 

For example, there is Inter-Dimensional Body of Education and Science (IDBES), which prime directive is to promote education and science collaboration between worlds.

There is also Inter-Dimensional Industrial Development (IDID) which provides assistance and resources for industrial development in many Old Worlds. 

Expeditionary Force is a branch of IDB military body, tasked to provide security for humanitarian body in inter-dimensional mission.

Youth Scouting is a youth organization to help young people developing their magical and non-magical ability. Youths with significant capability are often recruited to support IDB back office and supporting tasks.


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