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Basic Understanding of Magic System 

There are analogies to explain magic system.

First, sponge: living creatures absorbs magia energy from their surrounding, like sponge absorbing water. Some living creatures absorbs more energy than others. However massive absorption doesn't directly related to ability to control magia energy. Some mages can contain a massive amount of magia energy inside themselves but unable to control it, causing (possibly lethal) outburst.

Second, electronic devices: magia equipment is used to regulate magia energy input and output. Mages with high absorption rate and fragile body can use equipment to regulate absorption rate. Mages with average absorption may use equipment or other method to speed up absorption, then temporarily storing it in the equipment to avoid harmful effect.

Diversity of Magic Practice

Psychology of Magic
Magic is closely related to human inner state. It is very dependable on mage's psychological state, both conscious and unconscious. Regulating magia energy under great distress is harder than in normal situation.  

Because of its close ties with human inner state, it's common to see personalized style of magic and equipment to suit one's needs.

Elemental Magic
Ancient folks related magic with nature elements -- water, fire, light, and such -- to help them 'feel' and control magia energy better. Elemental magic is still practiced in certain places, although non-elemental magic is more common in modern practice.

Magia energy can be contained in, usually but not limited to, mineral-based material. This material can be used as part of a hardware (in weapon or power plants), or as a mere container. Certain minerals contain natural magia energy. Mage can also transfer elemental magia energy into materials for faster usage.

Non-mineral materials include animal hides, woods, rocks, and other  natural properties. Basically any kind of material can be used, but they differ in method, durability and capacity. 

Modern magia energy is usually regulated by software. Automated casting allows shorter casting time, but it's inflexible and cannot be customized without reprogramming. It is usually used in industry or armored fighting vehicles (tanks and ships).

Modern magia users normally use verbal command, although experienced users can use non-verbal command. Traditionally, verbal incantation serves as autohypnosis/self-conditioning to invoke magia energy.



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