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Magia Military Academy
Location: Southeast Midheimr
IDB military academy in Midheimr. Comprising of 7 years of study, altho it isn't uncommon for student with special achievement to graduate earlier. The campus ground is divided into three regions: students lodging, classrooms buildings, and training ground.
known alumni: Arthur, Vienna, Cliff, Dmitri, Natalie, Aria, Miguel, George

Midheimr National Academy of Magic
Integrating 9 years education with intense magic training.
known alumni: Valerie, Collin

Polytechnic University
Well-known for its engineering and digital media courses.
known alumni: Yasuki, Al, Stephanie

St. Milda University
known alumnus: Aoi

?? Vocational High School
Public 4-year vocational high school. Courses include computer information technology, culinary arts, and allied health.
known alumnus: Celine

?? Middle School
known alumni: Regina, Meidi, Aditya, Geraldine, Daniel

?? Elementary School
known alumni: Yelena, Sigmund

?? Kindergarten 
known alumni: Alice


Royal Academy of Magic
known alumnus: Carin



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